Calendar of Marketing Events / Activities / Fairs of National Jute Board in India & Abroad

Please  find  below  the  Calendar  of  Approved  Activities  under the Marketing  initiatives  of  National  Jute  Board  during the period  2014 – 15
JDP units ( Jute Diversified Products manufacturers )  willing to participate in some /many of the Domestic Fairs / Exhibitions, & Foreign events  listed in the Action Plan,  are requested to send their  “Letter  of Interest” to participate in the selected event/s, on their “letter-Head” ( or ) with Tick mark against the selected Domestic/Foreign event/s, in the  Calendar of Activities  and  send  it  within  certain time period  to  NJB  Kolkata  and a copy of the same, to be marked to NJB-Chennai Regional Office  ( Email : ) or  other respective  Branch  office/s, also.   All the JDP Units / New entrepreneurs are requested  to indicate their  JUTE PRODUCTS of manufacturing  and  to submit a copy of the (1) SSI / DIC registration copy  (or) any  Proof  of  Manufacturing,  and  (2) Copy  of  their  PAN  Card   along with their  ‘Letter of Interest’,  for  consideration  in  Fairs  &  Exhibitions  participation.

International / Foreign  Jute  events / Activities  for  2013 - 14

Contact  Addresses  of  NJB  Head Office  &  its  Regional  Offices

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