Friday, December 10, 2010

Foreign / International Fairs / Exhibitions & Expos of NJB

Jute  Photos  taken  during  International  Fairs / Expos / Exhibitions

Part-II,  Hong Kong (27th – 29th Oct’2015)

NJB  Official (T. Ayyappan)   with Mr. Boris Ng  of  Mega  Show  at  

Mega  Show, Part-II,  Hong Kong (27th  -  29th  Oct’2015)

Buyer/s  at  M/s. Gloster  Limited  Stall  at  Mega  Show’2015,  Hong Kong

Buyer/s  at  M/s. Jutelam  Marketing  Stall  at  Mega  Show’2015,  Hong Kong

Ms.Manidipa of M/s. Gloster Limited, briefing about their product
to the Buyer at NJB Stall
Buyer  impressed  by  the  Jute  Fibre,  displayed  at  NJB  Stall
 Buyer  being  briefed by MPO(TA)  at  NJB  Stall

 Participants  List  at  Mega  Show - Part-II,  Hong Kong,  
held  during  27th   - 29th Oct 2015,  under   the  
banner  of  National  Jute  Board [NJB]

Photos of National  Jute  Board (NJB) participation through  Carpet  Export Promotion Council (CEPC)  at  DOMOTEX Fair,  Hannover, Germany,  held during  11th    to 14th  Jan'2014
Dr. Kavuru Sambasiva Rao, Honorable Union Minister of Textiles,  Govt. of  India,  inaugurating  the  India  Pavilion of  CEPC  at  Domotex  2014
Dr. Kavuru Sambasiva Rao, Honorable Union Minister of Textiles,  Govt. of  India, at  NJB's Jute Pavilion  with Jute Participants & NJB  Officials on 11th Jan' 2014 at Domotex, Hannover, Germany

Dr. K. S. Rao, Hon'ble Minister being briefed about  Hand-Spun Jute Mattings at  Domotex, Germany  at  Jute  Pavilion

 Madam Elke  Arora, German Floor Covering Designer, who provided Design Inputs for Jute Floor  Covering Industry (in Dec 1999),  at  NJB Pavilion at Domotex 2014

NJB  Officials   with Mr. Shiv Kumar Gupta, Executive  Director, Carpet  Export Promotion Council (CEPC)  and CEPC Board Member  at  Domotex,  Hannover,  Germany

Coir Board  Official  Shri. Unnikrishnan  at NJB  Pavilion  at  Domotex,  Hannover,  Germany
Textile Magazine Reporter  at  NJB  Pavilion

Birla Jute Official at NJB's VIP Lounge discussing with Foreign Buyers

Stall  of  Cheviot Jute at  Domotex,  discussing with Foreign Buyers

Reliance Jute Official discussing with Foreign Buyers  at  DOMOTEX Fair, Germany

Babu Coir Official discussing with Foreign Buyers  at Domotex Fair, Germany

Buyer at Birla Jute stall at  DOMOTEX 2014, Germany

Stall  of  Punrasar Jute Part at DOMOTEX Fair, Hannover, Germany 2014

Advertisements  about  DOMOTEX fair at Hannover, Germany at  Metro  Stations
Participants  List  at  DOMOTEX'2014,   held  during  11th   - 14th Jan'2014,  under   the  banner  of  National  Jute  Board [ NJB ]

Photos of Jute Stalls  participated under  National  Jute  Board (NJB) and  Jute Products Development & Export Promotion Council ( JPDEPC )  at  China Import & Export Fair,  Guangzhou,  China,  held during  31st Oct  to 4th  Nov'2013 
MPO ( T.Ayyappan)  and  MPO ( T.K. Saha)  attending  to the Jute  Enquries  at  China  Import & Export fair,  held during  31st Oct - 4th Nov'2013  at  NJB  Stall
Shri. P. Gopalakrishnan, Chairman, Handloom Export Promotion  Council ( HEPC )  at  NJB  stall  at  Canton  Fair
Buyers  at   Ashoka  Exports  stall  at  China  Import  & Export  Fair
Jute  Fibre  being  shown  to  Jute  Enquireres  at  NJB  Stall
Stall  of   Handloom  Export  Promotion  Council ( HEPC )  at  China  Fair
Buyers  at   M/s. Sunil  Enterprises  stall
MPO ( T.Ayyappan) and MPO (T.K. Saha)  interacting with the Foreign buyers at  NJB  stall  and  providing  Jute  related  details  to  them
Stall  of  Gloster at  Canton  Fair - Nov 2013
A  view  of  the  11.2  hall,  being the  International Pavilion,  where  all  Jute  stalls  are  located
Frontside  view  of  M/s. Anges Bags,  ( Group  of  Ganges  Jute  Mills)  at  Canton Fair, China
Colourful  stall of  M/s. Gloster Limited  at  China  Fair

The  Front view  of  Pazhou  Complex, Guangzhou, China
Most of the Trade  Complexes, all  over  Guangzhou,  were dsiplaying the  message  about  the  114th China  Import & Export Fair,  creating  awareness  about the  Canton  Fair
With  the  Message  of  Canton Fair

A  Badge  showing  the  English  proficiency  is being worn  by  the  Executives  of  Chinese Firms, to impress the  Foreign Buyers

Participants  List  at  CHINA  Import & Export fair, Guangzhou,  held  during  31st Oct  - 4th Nov'2013,  under   the  banner  of  National  Jute  Board [ NJB ]

Photos of Jute Stalls at  Hong Kong  Mega Show, Part - II,  held during  27th to 29th Oct'2013
Stall  of  NJB  -  MPO ( T.Ayyappan )  and  MPO ( T.K. Saha )
Stall  of  M/s. Gloster  Limited, Kolkata
Mr.P.T. Srinath, Jt. Director, FIEO,  Kolkata  at  NJB  Stall
Buyers  at  M/s. Vindhya  Synthetics Pvt. Ltd.  stall  at  Mega  Show - Part-II, Hong Kong
MPO ( T. Ayyappan )  attending  to  Jute  enquiries  at  NJB  stand
Buyers being  attended  in the stall  of  M/s. Tru Blu  International,  Kolkata
List  of  Jute  Participants in the  Mega  Show [ Part-II ]  at  Hong Kong  during the  period  27th to  29th  Oct'2013

Photos of Jute Stalls at  Spring  Fair,  Birmingham (U.K),  held during 3rd  - 7th  Feb'2013
Mr. Hans Stoter,  of  Spring  Fair,   in the NJB Stall  at   Spring Fair,  Birmingham
Buyers in the  stall  of M/s. Punrasar  Jute  PARK, Kolkata,   at  Spring Fair,  Birmingham,  held during  3rd  to 7th  Feb'2013

Mr. Robin  Finch,  Former Jute Bag design Consultant (U.K) for JMDC,   in the NJB Stall  at   Spring Fair,  Birmingham,  held during  3rd  to 7th  Feb'2013

The  stall  of M/s. Indifabs, Kolkata,  under NJB umbrella  at  Spring Fair,  Birmingham,  held during  3rd  to 7th  Feb'2013

Details  of  Participants  in the  Spring  fair, Birmingham,  under  NJB  Banner

Photos of Jute Stalls at  India Show, Toronto, CANADA, held during 17th - 20th Oct'2011

The  stall  of M/s. Astra Designs, Bangalore  under NJB umbrella  at  India  Show, Toronto,  Canada,  held during  17th to 20th Oct'2011

Photos of Jute Stalls at  Hong Kong Mega Show, Hong Kong, held during 27th - 29th Oct'2011
The Stall  of  M/s. Just Jute, Bangalore,  participated under NJB's Fast Track Scheme, at Hong Kong Mega Show, during 27 - 29th Oct'2011

Photos of Jute Stalls at  New York International Gift Fair, held during 13th - 17th Aug'2011
A  Stall  of  ECO-JUTE  represented  by  Shri. Sajjan Kr. Agarwal  at  NYIGF'2011
Ms. Manidipa Guha of Gloster Jute Mills,  interacting  with her Buyer in the  Stall

A  Stall  of  Green  Earth  represented  by  Mr. Manish Kajaria

Ms. Meena Gupta of Himanshu Jute Fab, Delhi  discussing  her Buyer

Group of Buyers at Little India Exports, represented by Mr. Amit Dhandhania

MPO (TA)  &  AO (JS)  at  NYIGF'2011

A  view of Jute Stalls  at  New York Intl Gift fair'2011

Photos  of  Jute  Stalls taken  at Boston Gift  Show, Boston, USA, under  National Jute Board (NJB)  during the period 28 to 31st Mar’2011

An Aerial  View of the  BOSTON Gift Expo 

MPO (TA) & MPO (TKS) in the NJB Stall  at  Boston  Gift Expo'2011

Mr. Burman of AARBUR  with his Buyer in the Jute stall at  Boston

Mrs.Vedha of Leclar Impex, Chennai, interacting with her buyers in the Show

MPO showing the Jute Fibre to the Business Visitors at Boston